Another COVID-19 vaccine, Johnson and Johnson show great potential

The race for a potent COVID-19 vaccine is on for global pharmaceutical companies. Another vaccine has been tested to battle the coronavirus.

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine shows promise

The trial done for the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine has shown great potential. Many volunteers in the age-group of 17–60 years collected two doses of the vaccine about 57 days apart.


The signs are that this vaccine produces about 80% increase in antibodies that can fight against the COVID-19 infection, Johnson’s chief medical officer said. The NEJM asserted that there were several predictable side effects of this vaccine, which include, slight fever, fatigue, headache, and aches.


“ The safety and efficiency capacity of this vaccine is not disputed and supports that with slight modifications, the vaccine can be a good candidate shortly” The statement reads.


A crucial flaw in these medical trials is that minorities are not represented in figures, an issue they are working to resolve. “ This research shows that our clinical innovation on this Covid-19 program is positive and will soon show the date that represents all groups, the NEJM stated.

This coronavirus vaccine is expected to be available soon

The pharmaceutical firm hopes to show the results of all trials by January end. Volunteers for this vaccine are about 46, 000 and could increase if results are positive. The next phase of the vaccine will show if the vaccine can work on people showing symptoms or infected with the coronavirus.


“If this vaccine shows safety abilities and effective, this firm will submit its results to the US FDA and request massive production for public use”


A top official at the company said there was a slight delay in production goals, but it has been worked on. Johnson and Johnson have slowed down in trials in recent months because a volunteer developed ‘unknown sickness“ which has been linked to the vaccine. However, after the test, it was discovered the participant has an underlying illness.