Chatbot GPT: how to use it efficiently for your company?

It is quite obvious that the latest AI trend is the chatbot GPT. Along with its abilities and astonishing knowledge of our world, Chat GPT can be a powerful tool to level up any industry. Whether it is commerce, fashion, marketing, etc. But above all, a question is popping up: how can these new AI trends help companies with their businesses? There are basically 4 ways you can use chatbot GPT for your company’s growth. Let’s discover them!

Use chatbot GPT to generate leads for your company

The very first way, chatbot GPT can be used for your company’s growth is through lead generation. How? In fact, Chatbot GPT uses a sophisticated AI to generate natural language text in any context. Thus, it can engage conversation with your customers, asking their concerns, providing free pieces of information and free chat live! 
You can also set personalized messages on the chatbot, in order to have contacts such as newsletters addresses and emails, in exchange. Impressing, right? You will no longer have to spend a bunch of time on this domain of your company. However, you need to find the strategy that fits your business and your customers to leverage your lead generation. 

Use chatbot GPT to send your marketing messages

Have you ever thought about finding somebody who will definitely distribute your marketing messages for you? That “somebody” came right into your hands as a gift through chatbot GPT. You can actually use the chatbot to send messages to your customers automatically without any effort.  
The most mind-blowing thing is that the chatbot can send the messages based on the experience of your existing customers. But as always, all you have to do is to set personalized messages on the chatbot. It might for example be the names of each of your customers or anything else you think they may find attractive.

Use chatbot GPT to manage your social media efficiently

It is important to engage regularly with your audience; but we bet you already know it! However, it is time-consuming to build a solid community and have a good relationship with them. But did you know that chatbot GPT, above its conversational ability, can be of great help in managing your social media accounts? 
In fact, it can respond to your comments and messages in a conversational way so that you can go about other businesses. You can also create your own set of responses and replies if you want to reach more efficiency.

Use chatbot GPT to improve buyer experience

Along with lead generation, chatbot GPT may also be used to assist your customers when you are not around. For instance, it can recommend some products they may like based on their past orders and their activity on your website. It can also be used to answer your customers’ most asked questions.  
This last point brings us to customer service. Chatbot GPT can actually reduce the average customer care costs, along with reducing workflow. If you manage your customer service as most small companies, you might need an automation tool to help you out. And chatbot GPT is perfect for that.  
However, you have to realize that a machine will never replace human sensibility. Thus, you should always update and personalize your strategy as a company.

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