Mr. Joe Biden becomes the 46th US president, amidst Trump’s absence

Former Barack Obama deputy president, Mr. Joe Biden has been elected as the new president of America. At a well-secured ceremony at the capitol, he was sworn in, by the federal Judge.

Mr. Joe Biden is the new US president

This low-key inauguration was one of the most anticipated political transitions in US history.


“ Democracy has come to stay, and will always be our watch-word,” he stated after Justice Roberts finishes administering the oath of office.


In an expected move, former president, Mr. Donald Trump, who has refused to accept that Joe Biden won, declined to attend the inauguration and left the White House before the event.


Showing an intent to start on a good note, the new President has announced a reversal of some Trump policies. Alongside, the new president, Kamala Harris was also inaugurated as the vice president. She remains the sole Asian descent to be in such a position.


This historic inauguration was done in the US Capitol amidst tight security after the January 5 invasion by some pro-Trump supporters, where 5 people and several others were injured.


In a well-delivered speech, Mr. Biden said it was a historic day and a day of hope for all Americans.

President Biden aims to unite all Americans

Biden pledged to be a unifying leader, and get all citizens including those who didn’t vote for him together. Several dignitaries attended the inauguration, they included former presidents, George Bush, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton. He promised to put America first in all considerations.


Also, at the inauguration, ex-vice president, Mike Pence ahoy didn’t go to Trump’s farewell parade. The event included songs from Lady Gaga, Jennifer López, and Garth brooks. The new president knows he has a tough job at hand, especially with the coronavirus pandemic, economic revival, and ethnic justice for blacks Americans.